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We started as a conversation

"Everyone gets advice, and there is so much nutrition advice out there. In my practice, I noticed that what makes the difference is getting the right advice at the right time. 

That, mixed with the infrastructure of accountability is where the magic happens" 

The Total nutrition Diva is as intuitive as she is knowledgeable. When I found her, I'd spent thousands of hours and dollars on an issue she began to heal rather quickly. Since benefiting from her work, I can't stress enough how important it is for everyone to see and check in with a certified nutritionist. 

Vanessa G.

The Total Nutrition Diva explained everything clearly and I left the appointment with a solid plan that was easy to follow and incorporate into my daily life. Darpan followed up consistently to check in on how I was doing and offer other ideas and suggestions. I'm looking forward to continuing with her and visiting her wonderful store again!

Devinder Kaur

She knows her stuff. As a person living with Lupus the Total Nutrition Diva  has helped me immensely

Sue Norton

Our goal is to get you back on your journey to help, and to support you along the way to ensure that you thrive. Being a holistic nutritionist at her foundation, the Total Nutrition Diva likes to create detailed workup of each client's 360 degree picture 

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