Digestion Teachings from Traditional Indian Sukhasana

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Total nutrition diva eating digestion
So yes, Apple Cider Vinegar is great for digestion but did you know that simply sitting
on the floor eating is an ancient way of bringing in calmness and stimulates your body to relax?
In India, this tradition is not just about sitting on floor and eating, its about sitting in the “sukhasana” position and then eating. Sukhasana is the position, we normally use for Yoga Asanas. When you sit on the floor, you usually sit cross-legged – In sukhasana or a half padmasana (half lotus), which are poses that instantly bring a sense of calm and help in digestion, it is believed to automatically trigger the signals to your brain to prepare the stomach for digestion.
This is something I do mention to my clients.  All these little tips and tweaks to daily life can make a fascinating impact. Try it :)