Your Nutritionist On-Call™

Much like having a private personal trainer, chef or physician, we noticed a need for expert guidance that checks in weekly to hold clients accountable to their nutrition and healthy eating goals. 
Our mission is to make nourishing eating practices, and the guidance that supports it accessible. 
Total Nutrition Diva On-Call™  evolved naturally from the way Darpan practices. The care she has for her clients is unparalleled, and she always wants to be available to them.
The Total Nutrition Diva On-Call™  program is a subscription service that provides access to a personal nutritionist that truly partners with clients on their path to wellness. The Total Nutrition Diva™  herself is made available to answer all of your questions that arise as you move along your nutritional journey. 
My Family Total Nutrition Diva On-Call™
Total Nutrition Diva
Regular price $495
My Personal Nutritionist On-Call
Total Nutrition Diva
Regular price $295