I’ve been working with Darpan for several years now.  She is incredibly knowledgeable but she is also a lot of fun to work with.  Darpan keeps me in ‘health check’,  which I really appreciate because I am crazy busy running my own business and taking care of family.

-Jen Shea, Creative Designer

I had a great first appointment with Darpan! She explained everythingclearly and I left the appointment with a solid plan and a Liver Cleanse kit that was easy to follow and incorporate into my daily life. She followed up with me consistently to check in on how I was doing and offer other ideas and suggestions. I'm looking forward to continuing with her and visiting her wonderful store again!

 - Devinder Kaur

Darpan knows her stuff. As a person living with Lupus she has helped me immensely

- Sue Norton 

The Total nutrition Diva is as intuitive as she is knowledgeable. When I found her, I'd spent thousands of hours and dollars trying to navigate my digestive and endocrine issues. I'd seen every endocrinologist and many natropaths- both medical and holistic practioners. Darpan identified I had mercury overload and once we started myself on a detox program with saunas I began to feel much better and could think much more clearly. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. <3 

- Vanessa G


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