Membership Health Plans

Total Nutrition Diva

Regular price $299.00

Total Nutrition Diva On Call is excited to bring you this exclusive opportunity to be your Personal Nutritionist On-Call all-year-round with her new Membership Health Plans! 

There are two levels to choose from: 

 Initial Sign-Up $299.00


 Monthly Reoccurring Payment $50.00


 Bonus Pay All Upfront  $899.00


 Initial Sign-Up $299.00


Monthly Recurring Payment $99.00 


Bonus Pay All Upfront $1,487.00


How it will work: 

1. You choose the plan of your choice you will be emailed a Membership Agreement form you must sign off on and return by email. 

2. You will be added to a private Facebook Group exclusive only for you. Please don't share the link once it has been shared with you. 

3. You will then be sent a Client Health History form, Medical History and exclusive individualized forms for you to fill out and return back by email. 

4. Total Nutrition Diva On-Call TM will then connect with you once your protocol is ready and will set-up a time to discuss it all with you so you can ask any questions you may have. 

5. Enjoy your membership and let me know if we can do anything to improve and make your experience more enjoyable.