The Absorption & Holistic Nutrition Program

Total Nutrition Diva

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The Original 8 week Total Nutrition Diva-Designed program focuses on education and sustainable change. Graduates gain a new understanding of the integration of healthy nutrition with lifestyle and the optimization of absorption form the foods they eat. 
"You are what you absorb"- TND This course will target food and supplement regimen to provide the maximal benefits of the food consumed to your body. 
This 8 week program with the Total Nutrition Diva provides a holistic analysis of your current intake, and provides actionable steps toward a sustainable lifestyle. 

    • Two Live Blood Analyses:
      • 1st week
      • 8th week
    • Menu Planning
    • Supplement Assessment
    • Recipes
    • Biweekly Appointments (in-person or remote)

* Inquire within for insurance coverage.